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Gaiola Island - The Beautiful and Serene Island of Naples

The Gaiola Island (Isola della Gaiola) is one of the smallest islands of Naples, Italy. This beautiful and serene island is located in the heart of Gaiola Park, a protected marine area, in the Gulf of Naples. The Gaiola Island is actually a group of two tiny islets about 30 meters away from the coast of the Posillipo. The islets are connected by a small rocky arch bridge. One of the islets has a large solitary residential villa and the other one is uninhabited.

The Gaiola Island takes its name from the cavities that dot the coast of Posillipo. The small island was originally known as Euplea, protector of safe navigation, and was the site of a small temple. It is assumed that originally the island was nothing more than an extension of the promontory opposite and was artificially separated only at a later time. (source: Wikipedia)

The Gaiola Island seems as a perfect post-retirement getaway because of its beautiful and serene nature. However, the island has a gloomy history and the locals believe the island to be cursed. The reputation came about because of the frequent misfortunes and/or the premature death of many past owners of the sole villa.

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